Kamala Harris

You know what's really annoying me? All of these Black people on Twitter criticizing other Black people for validly criticizing Kamala Harris. Did these stans donate to her campaign?! Probably not, because if they had, we probably wouldn't be where we are today. I promise it's possible to criticize a Black person without it being … Continue reading Kamala Harris

# Me Too. by Lawrence Williams

Keeping my eye on this…

Inmate Blogger

Early this morning a new correctional officer here at Lebanon prison in Lebanon,Ohio by the name of Ms.Schafer is so thirsty to see someone masturbating that she kept approaching me while in my cell asking to look between my legs. I know that many men would see this as an opportunity to act a fool, but me I was not only irritated but scared. You see, this officer is a “white woman”, and from the looks of it she is being trained by some very racist and jealous “white men officers”. Thereby I wasn’t sure if she was tryin to set me up or not. And plus I just finished watching the movie “Rosewood”. So let me ask you all, what would you all do in my situation? Would you roll the dice or report it? Well I reported it to anyone who had ears, so if you guys don’t…

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