Big Brother American Season 23: Why Y’all Mad? (Contains Spoilers)

Wow, so much to discuss this week.

Now, if I haven’t made it clear, I’m a Tiffany Mitchell stan, which doesn’t mean I’m not capable of holding her accountable when she fucks up and/or says something biphobic, so when she won BACK TO BACK HoHs (if you don’t count Claire’s anonymous one), which has never been done at this point in the game, I was elated to say the least. The Black women in the house have been winning a lot lately and I’m lovin’ it! (if you know, you know)

But Xavier wasn’t…to say the least. Apparently, there was a deal among The Cookout that either Azah, Kyland or Big D would win the last HoH. I don’t recall seeing Tiffany in any of these conversations, but I could’ve missed it because though I watch the feeds a lot, I don’t see everything. The reason for this plan was so Xavier and Tiffany wouldn’t be at risk of having to put their “pawns” on the block and so Hannah AKA Chaddha wouldn’t have to jeopardize her relationship with Claire.

So the last three people on the ropes are Azah, Tiffany and Kyland…then Azah falls. At this point, Tiffany is “supposed” to drop and let Kyland win, which would be his third HoH win. But why should Kyland get to have that? So Tiffany stays on her rope, outlasts Kyland and wins the competition.

Even if Tiffany did agree to throw the comp, I don’t blame her for winning it. She had her HoH room for 19 hours before she was overthrown during her last HoH. Why shouldn’t she get the full benefits of being HoH, including having your own room and bathroom for a week? I would have taken that comp too given those circumstances.

Afterwards, Xavier claims he’s upset that Tiffany didn’t follow the plan and expresses his frustration over throwing competitions when other people are being “selfish” and just doing whatever they want. Two things about this pissed me off: firstly, Kyland is the most selfish person in The Cookout and Xavier has never had all this mouth for him, which is just one of the many examples of sexism displayed by the men of The Cookout. Secondly, Xavier made these statements to Azah and Big D before he voiced them to Tiffany. Why is he talking shit about her to two people he knows don’t really like her if they’re supposed to be working together??

Here’s the real reason Xavier was so upset: he didn’t trust that Tiffany would nominate Claire if Alyssa won the veto and if she didn’t, that would mean two Cookout members sitting on the block. If two Cookout members sit on the block, there’s a chance Xavier could go home because most people in the house know he’s going to win the entire game if someone doesn’t take him out.

The largest battle in the house right now is between Tiffany and Xavier and with Xavier having his “pawn” compete in the HoH competition on Thursday, he has a slight upper hand. I was happy to see Tiffany and Chaddha strategizing about how to evict Xavier in the early morning hours of Labor Day because previously, Tiffany wanted to get rid of Big D first. As Tiffany is the greatest strategic player of season 23 and one of the greatest strategists in American Big Brother history, I think she deserves to win the game more than Xavier, but Xavier and Tiffany in the Final Two would be pretty interesting. I think that’s unlikely to happen though because I believe Xavier thinks if he’s in the Final Two with Tiffany, he’ll lose. In the battle of Tiffany vs. Xavier, unsurprisingly, I’m praying Tiffany is the winner.

Earlier, I mentioned the sexism of the men in The Cookout. Some examples of it include Xavier trying to make Azah seem stupid whenever she tries to strategize with him, to her face and to other people, mostly Big D; Big D meanly telling Azah to move on from Xavier because he doesn’t want her; Big D calling Tiffany a bitch multiple times (sidenote: Big D very clearly HATES women. Who hurt you, Big D? Your mom?); Xavier repeatedly calling Tiffany emotional though she’s only had one emotional week in the house and he was the one who broke down crying when Christian left. I’m sure there are more examples, but I’ll stop there because you get my point.

Xavier and Kyland also appear to be colorists: Xavier is much kinder and gentler to Alyssa than he is to Azah, even though Azah is the one who has a crush on him. Plus, Alyssa had a showmance with the guy you cried over, so it’s time to move on, Buddy. She don’t want you. Kyland refused to throw Name That Croon to Azah even though he said he would. Later, he told Tiffany he just didn’t think Azah would be a good HoH. Why’d you lie and say you’d throw it to her then, Kyland? I should also mention he tried to throw the competition to Tiffany, but she chose the wrong answer.

Now let’s move on to something fun, shall we? It. Finally. Happened. Tiffany and Kyland hooked up in the early morning hours of Sunday, September 5th. Apparently, some members of the Big Brother fandom were surprised by this because they thought Tiff and Ky hated each other (their “fights” are a cover for how close they are), but I wasn’t. The sexual tension and attraction between Tiff and Kyland has been there since Day One. I was just wondering when something physical was actually going to happen between them.

So here’s what happened: Tiff and Ky were sleeping together in the HoH room, Kyland on top of the covers and Tiffany below them. Then…you can hear moaning, then you hear Tiff say, “Oh shit! Fuck!” Then, she squeezes Ky’s hand, seemingly in anticipation of climaxing. Don’t believe me? There’s a tweet with the video clip. I would link to it, but I’m to lazy to go back and find it. Lol! What’s hilarious to me is I’ve said from the very beginning Tiffany should give Ky some to make sure she can control him and she kind of did. LOL! At the end of the day, though Kyland is problematic as fuck (see some of his pre-Big Brother tweets and YouTube videos), he’s also fine as fuck so I don’t blame Tiff for hooking up with him. I would’ve done the same.

Lastly, I’m not just a Tiffy Toes stan, I’m also now a Hannah Chaddha stan. She has been the only one to let her “pawn” go like it wasn’t shit, even though she had a crush on him, meanwhile Xavier is running around the house whining about having to lose Alyssa when she only cares about him because Christian left. Furthermore, Chaddha has been doing some major strategizing lately and I love to see it. She told Tiffany during her first HoH that Claire should be the only one to compete in the Coin of Destiny, that way The Cookout would only have to out last Alyssa in the next HoH competition. She made a fake Final Two deal with Alyssa and now she’s working on Ky to get him to commit to a Final Three with her and Tiffany.

She broke it down to him as follows: basically everyone wants to take Azah and Big D to Final Three because they know they can beat them. Therefore, the only way Chaddha, Ky and Tiff can make it to Final Three is if they take each other. Chaddha flat out told Ky he was her insurance policy because he will always be seen as a bigger threat than her. Later that day, Kyland told Xavier almost all of Tiff and Chaddha’s plan, so I’m not sure where he stands, but nobody in The Cookout does, so I just hope he ends up thinking with the wrong head and decides to ride the game out with Tiffany and Chaddha.

Thursday is the first double eviction of the season, followed by the second one next Thursday. Hopefully, The Six will all still be in the house at the end of Thursday night, but something tells me Alyssa’s not going to go quietly.

May the odds be ever in The Cookout’s favor.

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