Mama, I Know who Boo Boo the Fool is, it’s David (Big Brother American Season 22)

So to begin, Bayleigh mediated the HELL out of a conversation between Day and David last night. I stan her so hard.

Fool move number one from last night: David tells Day Janelle told him Day was on board with getting the votes to get him out of the house, which makes ZERO sense because Janelle needs Day’s vote to stay, so why would she say that? Come to find out, this is the millionth time David has spit in Day’s face. Then he says Cody and Tyler told him the same thing.

David says he told Cody and Tyler that’s bullshit, which I don’t believe. Day says she’s going to fact check this. Day tells David none of this is true and why would he even consider it since she put her game on the line by telling everyone in the house she was voting to keep him, which she did. God, he’s going to feel so stupid when he sees the show.

Then David says he’s trying to get in with “the guys” so they can tell him stuff, so BayDay and he will be forewarned about things. I don’t think the guys will do this, but whatever. Also, this comment lets BayDay know he thinks they have no rapport with the other guys in the house. What he doesn’t know is given Bayleigh’s relationship with Tyler, BayDay doesn’t need David to stay in the house. David’s comment is not only presumptuous, it shows a lack of awareness of what is really going on in the game. Fool move number two.

Then David says he cares about his partnership, or whatever you wanna call it, with BayDay more than anything else in the house. Seeing as he’d drink Tyler’s bathwater and let Nicole or Dani walk on his body so they didn’t have to step in a puddle, I don’t believe this. He is so desperate for white acceptance, he literally told Nicole and Dani his brother has blue eyes and is “very, very light.” I almost threw up.

Day asks David why he didn’t just come to her and ask her about what he heard. He says because sometimes she’s warm and inviting and sometimes she’s not. She says something like, “Did you ever say ‘Hey Da’Vonne, I need to talk to you’?” David says no because he didn’t. Here, David is basically saying I believed a rumor about you because you’re not always friendly…which is dangerously close to stereotyping Da’Vonne as an Angry Black Woman. This comment is something white players say about Black women in the game all the time and if David wasn’t such a race traitor, it never would’ve come out of his mouth. Fool move number three.

I LOVE Day saying she’s in the house to show future Black players it’s possible for a Black Houseguest to win. I’m not sure it is, but I admire her trying to do something that matters for the culture.

Da’Vonne breaks it down to David that she feels some type of way because he believed Janelle over her, even if he only slightly believed it, when he told Janelle to her face he doesn’t trust her. Put another way, David believed a white woman he doesn’t trust over the Black woman who risked her neck to save him. This is why I tell so many Black women to stop sacrificing themselves for Black men. Fool move number four.

Day tells David Cody and Tyler are her friends. One, she should have continued to let him think he was the only one who had a relationship with them because as long as he feels he’s “better” than BayDay, he’ll tell them things. Two, Cody and Tyler are not your friends, Baby. Not by a long shot.

David claims his relationship with Tyler and Cody will help him and BayDay. Bayleigh rightly points out, if that was the case, why didn’t he tell them (BayDay) this information sooner? David really thinks he’s smarter than Bay and Day. Fool move number five.

It was smart for Bay to ask David for an act of trust. Use him, then vote him out of the house.

David basically tells Day he didn’t engage with her in the beginning of the game because he didn’t want them lumped together as two Black people and for that to make the white people in the house skittish. This line of thinking is the tiniest bit fair, but as Bay said, he should have pulled Day to the side and communicated this to her. I mean for Day to speak to David and say “Hi, how are you doing today?” and for him to completely ignore her is just stupid. To be honest, lots of Black men are, as my grandmother would say, colorstruck, so it’s possible David avoided Day because of colorism, be it conscious or unconscious.

After this conversation, David runs to his master, I mean Tyler, and tells him everything that was discussed and that he said Tyler and Cody mentioned Day’s name. Tyler pretends to be extremely upset and says he’s gone, his game is over, blah blah blah and that Day’s going to come after him now. Tyler also says I just got Da’Vonne to trust me and now that’s broken. Tyler knows Day doesn’t have the power to get him out, but this is a perfect excuse for him to get her out. He can also use this as an excuse to get David out later. Fool move number six.

After this conversation, Day tells Kevin she’s going to fact check what David said. I think that’s a good idea if she fact checks with Tyler and not Cody, I don’t think a conversation with Cody about this will end well. If she ends her conversation with Tyler letting him know that she trusts him and it’s water under the bridge, she’ll be in a good spot.

It is so disheartening to have rooted for David as much as I did and to have him be as much of a race traitor as he is. Like, literally, it hurts my heart to watch the way he treats Day and Bay compared to the way he treats Tyler, Dani and Nicole. There is nothing worse than a self-hating Black.

Also, I get Bay is trying to be understanding of David’s upbringing by mentioning he was raised to assimilate with white people, but David’s 30. He’s seen Black people murdered in the streets worse than animals and still, he’s shunning the two other Black people in the house. There’s no excuse for that. Secondly, Migos are from Gwinnett, so don’t buy that it’s about where he’s from either.

I’ll end with this: if this ends up being the reason Da’Vonne is evicted from the house, David is dead to me. DEAD, you hear me?

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