Big Brother American Season 23: We Won (Contains Spoilers)

I was so shocked by what happened during this week’s Veto Ceremony, I just had to come on here and share my thoughts with y’all.

I didn’t think Derek X had the balls to do it, but he did: he backdoored Christian. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the concept of “backdooring” someone, it means instead of nominating someone for eviction outright, you hope the veto gets used and you put the person on the block as a replacement nominee. This way the person isn’t guaranteed to play in the Veto Competition and take themselves off the block. As I’m sure you’ve gathered, “backdoors” are usually reserved for people who do really well in competitions.

So the plan was always to backdoor Christian, who is the biggest competition threat in the house, but I thought Derek X was going to chicken out because Christian’s argument for staying in the house is he’s a shield for Derek X and Derek X is a shield for him. Here’s why that argument fails: because Christian is such a comp beast, this past HOH competition in which he didn’t play is one of the few opportunities that will come along to evict him. Getting rid of Christian and making himself the biggest target in the house is well worth it for Derek X because he can’t beat Christian in the long run, not in competitions and not if they make it to the Final Two. Therefore, the benefit of Derek X losing his “shield” is greater than the value he would get from keeping it.

It’s looking like Christian will be leaving the house on Thursday, but if he doesn’t, everyone in that house except for Alyssa will regret it because none of them can beat Christian either.

Speaking of Alyssa, you know why Christian getting backdoored is HILARIOUS? Because when Christian was HOH last week, he considered nominating Derek X, but Alyssa convinced him not to by saying, “Why would you nominate Derek X? You want another guy to leave the house?” (Women currently outnumber the men in the house.) Alyssa’s biggest ally is on the block because of something she convinced him not to do. HYSTERICAL. Now had Christian put Derek X up next to Whitney, Derek X would probably have stayed, but at least Christian would feel like he deserved to be backdoored this week.

So The Cookout is still grilling and today my fave Tiffany mentioned an aspect of jury management I hadn’t thought of yet just like the brilliant strategist she is. She mentioned that the strong-minded pawns The Cookout is carrying with them need to go to jury before they figure out the six Black people in the house are working together because if they don’t and they learn about the six, they’ll taint the jury against the members of The Cookout. If the weaker-minded pawns figure it out and then try to convince the stronger-minded pawns already in jury, the stronger-minded pawns will likely not believe it. Brilliant, right?

Now, though Tiffany is my fave, I do have to call her out for something she did over the weekend. So Kyland’s pawn is Sarah Beth. When Tiffany saw how aggressively Sarah Beth went after Hannah in an attempt to make her the Royal Flush’s target, she (Tiffany) distanced herself from Kyland because she didn’t want to be on the other side of Sarah Beth’s ire. As a result, Kyland and Sarah Beth have become even closer…to the complete chagrin of Tiffany. Because of this chagrin, and maybe some jealousy, Tiffany set her sights on Sarah Beth, who is still on the block.

She started theorizing that Sarah Beth is actually single, because apparently she said she was (I can’t confirm this because I didn’t see it on the feeds), though Sarah Beth actually has a girlfriend named Shelly. Then Tiffany completely went off the deep end and the biphobia jumped out when she questioned if Sarah Beth is even bisexual, theorizing that Sarah Beth is lying about having a girlfriend so she could get close to a guy in the house and not be seen as part of a duo.

At this point, Tiffany was so worked up, she wanted to flip the house to evict Sarah Beth instead of Christian which would have been a colossal mistake. Fortunately, she came to her senses.

Now, let me state this very clearly: Though I can’t stand Sarah Beth, I DO NOT IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM CONDONE OR SUPPORT TIFFANY QUESTIONING SARAH BETH’S SEXUALITY OR ANY ACT OF BIPHOBIA. Apparently Tiffany apologized for saying this, but I also didn’t see that on the feeds.

I’ve made it known on my Twitter timeline that I cannot stand Sarah Beth (SB). Not because I think she’s lying about being bi, but because she’s an entitled white woman who aggressively went after Hannah, a Black and Indian woman, and who snapped at Derek F and production. As a Black woman in America, a white woman going after a Black woman will always trigger me. ALWAYS.

But what I’ve noticed is the amount of people zealously defending Sarah Beth even before Tiffany questioned her sexuality. Now, I wasn’t shocked by that because many people, including people of color, will crawl over broken glass to defend a white woman.

I said as much to a Black woman on Twitter who thought I thought SB was lying about being in a relationship and ridiculed me for my comments, then called me a clown because she thought I was saying she was defending SB because she’s white, which wasn’t my point. My point is white woman always have more support than women of color, especially Black women. But then I thought about it and this random Black woman on the Internet may have been defending SB because of her internalized anti-Blackness because when I said I don’t like SB because of her entitlement and manipulation, this woman claimed the only entitlement and manipulation she saw was Tiffany’s. Interesting.

At any rate, if these people don’t vote Christian out this week, not only are they fools, but they deserve to lose $750,000.

Oh and I discovered this really great Big Brother podcast hosted by Black people called Julie, Girl! There’s an entire episode dedicated to The Cookout and it’s a really nuanced, thoughtful discussion about race and how racism plays out on American Big Brother. Listen to the episode here or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Let me know what you think in the comments! Would you vote to evict Christian?

Until next time, byyyyeeee!!

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