To People Who Think RBG Should’ve Retired

Ok, I was gonna let this go, but I just saw someone say it again, so now I’m commenting. Several people have said RBG should’ve retired early in Obama’s presidency. I’ll give you a $100 if you can tell me a time you heard someone say a man should retire from a prestigious job early. Hell, I’ve heard people say Serena should retire, but I’ve never heard that said about Roger Federer and he won his last Grand Slam the same year she did. People have described RBG’s decision not to retire as selfish. It is interesting AKA sexist that a woman wanting to keep a job that is the ultimate pinnacle of a legal career she worked hard for is “selfish,” but NO ONE has said this about Justice Breyer who is 82. When a woman is ambitious, she’s often described as selfish. Men are often described as…ambitious. Even though I can’t stand ACB, it’s been brought up several times that she has school-age children. You know who also had school-age children when they were confirmed? Chief Justice Roberts and Kavanaugh. You never heard one word about it. Cut the bullshit. I know sexism when I see it.

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