More Thoughts on Yesterday’s Events

The more I think about yesterday’s events, the greater pain I feel. For those of you that don’t know, this summer in Atlanta, two Black college students were violently pulled from a car by police, with the young man being tased first, *as they were going home* in an attempt to comply with the curfew put in place by the mayor. Yesterday, I watched police gently move a large crowd of almost exclusively white people back from the Capitol, *after they broke into it and severely damaged it*, about 40 minutes after the curfew went into effect. I didn’t see a single person get arrested or tased or manhandled. Once again, I am reminded that as a Black American, my life means nothing. Once again, the country my ancestors built on their backs for free against their will, including the Capitol (, has failed me. I am completely…emotionally EXHAUSTED.

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