The Black Bachelorette 5G AKA Tayshia Adams (Contains Spoilers)

So Tayshia has blown me, and almost every guy on The Bachelorette, away from minute one, OK?! She is BEAUTIFUL (😍), a great conversationalist and she don’t take no shit! At first, I was just excited to see another Black Bachelorette, but Tayshia demands vulnerability from the men and asserts herself when she needs to and I am LIVING FOR IT!

So far my top pick for her is Ivan: he’s adorable, sensitive and is just as comfortable playing The Floor is Lava as he is talking about his imprisoned brother and George Floyd.

Speaking of George Floyd, I am so glad ABC didn’t cut out Tayshia and Ivan’s conversation about him, the Black Lives Matter movement and Tayshia spending her life trying to assimilate. I’m willing to bet money the majority of The Bachelorette’s audience is white and this medium may be the only place some of the white audience members get to hear about the lived experience of Black people.

I also appreciated their discussion about being biracial. For that reason alone, Ivan can understand Tayshia in a way none of the other men can and that’s gotta be worth something, right?!!

I was sad Tayshia sent Joe and Jordan home (BTW, Jordan is fine as fuck. Tayshia don’t want you, come home to mama, Baby 😉), but I could tell she didn’t have much chemistry with them. People are really upset about TayTay sending Eazy home, but I’m not surprised at all. First of all, how can she take a guy calling himself Eazy seriously?! Secondly, in my humble opinion, he’s a bit awkward. Some people like that, but I think it was a turn off for Tayshia.

I think this week’s cliffhanger will end with Bennett being sent home and I’m glad. The condescension is just too much for me to take.

Lastly, if my girl doesn’t choose Ivan, I quit this whole shit.

Do you want me to keep writing about The Bachelorette? If so, let me know in the comments!

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