Stop Blaming Women

Since my grandmother died, I have become someone who is often enraged. Don’t get me wrong, I would get angry about things all the time before she passed. But now, I get enraged. 

One of the outlets I’ve found for this rage is responding to racist, white supremacist, sexist and misogynistic comments on Twitter. I don’t know the people I’m responding to, so I don’t care how they feel when I tell them how wrong they are in a slightly harsh, sometimes very harsh, manner.

Another way I take out my anger is by posting articles I disagree with to Facebook and Twitter with my comments.

I came across such a piece today, written by Mayim Bialik. It’s her response to the allegations of sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape made against Harvey Weinstein. You can find it here. I’ll warn you: if you’re a feminist, it’s a tough read.

Below is my response to this garbage:

1. You can dress modestly, reserve your sexual self for private moments, not flirt and STILL be sexually assaulted. Stop blaming WOMEN for the horrific acts of MEN, Mayim.

2. Being “ugly” won’t prevent you from being sexually assaulted.

3. If you don’t believe women are free to act how they choose, you’re not a feminist.

4. One last time for the cheap seats in the back: it is NOT the responsibility of women to “make it easier for men to control themselves.” It is the responsibility of men to control themselves. Period. Always has been, always will be.

Now, as you all know, the primary focus of this blog is my sharing of my grief/feelings about my grandmother’s death. But I often feel passionately about things I see in popular culture, articles I read, etc. I will be discussing those things here as well.

Hope that doesn’t keep you from coming back…

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