I’m Finally Making Merch!

So I’ve recently started making merchandise and this t-shirt and mug are two of my favorite products. A friend inspired this slogan and I will forever be grateful to her. If you want this tshirt or mug, you can find them at teespring.com/proud-angry-black-woman-shirt2 or teespring.com/proud-angry-black-woman-mug.

Below is the description for both products:

What I’ve learned in life is even when you’re quiet/meek/apologetic, they will call you angry anyway. So why not just…be angry? Be angry about Black women being one of the most oppressed, hated, underpaid and undervalued groups in America. Be angry about the maternal mortality rate for Black women. Be angry that you have to be twice as good to get half as much. Then after you get angry, get proud. Then, show the world your pride by wearing this t-shirt/drinking out of this mug.

Don’t worry, I’ve also made merchandise specific to, and inspired by, The Bereaved. I’ve ordered a sample of The Bereaved’s official t-shirt, and once I check it out and make sure everything is copacetic, I’ll let you all know where you can get it! Support Black businesses! 🤣

Talk to you soon!!

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