N-words Ain’t Shit: Big Brother Edition

I wasn’t planning on posting tonight, but David just pissed me off so much, I had to. Like, he literally raised my body temperature and not in a good way.

So early in tonight’s eviction episode, Nicole A. tried to lobby Da’Vonne for her vote. Da’Vonne flat out tells her there’s never been an African-American winner of the show and she doesn’t see herself voting David out. Nicole responds by saying she understands that, but would he do the same for her? (which turned out to be a valid question given what David did next)

In the Diary Room, Nicole says she gets it, but to her that’s a “heart vote, not a head vote.” Now Nicole, if you really got it, the only appropriate response would’ve been “I completely understand where Da’Vonne’s coming from.” You were literally on the most racist season of the show and it’s been TWENTY-TWO seasons not only without a Black winner, but if the Black people don’t get voted out early, then they’re usually the first or second member of the jury. So no, Nicole, you don’t get it.

Later in the episode, Da’Vonne has a conversation with David and tells him people think he’s in an alliance. David says nothing. Da’Vonne surmises he is in an alliance and asks if she guesses who he’s working with, will he tell her. He says no. That was his first mistake. Then he tells Da’Vonne that he knows she’s trying to look out for him, but she may need to bring it down a little. When she asks what he means, he claims he’s worried if she campaigns for him too hard, the two of them will end up on the block together.

I don’t buy this for a second. I think David genuinely believes he’s aligned with Tyler and some of Tyler’s people, perhaps Cody, etc. Therefore, he thinks he can talk to Da’Vonne any kind of way because she doesn’t have much power in the house. David tells Bayleigh he told Da’Vonne to bring it down and Bayleigh correctly tells him that’s not a good idea and he needs to be careful. Men, if you’re reading this, NEVER tell a woman to calm down. It won’t end well for you.

This exchange really pissed me off. David may have been going home and Bayleigh and Da’Vonne (BayDay) were willing to risk their Big Brother lives to save David for the culture and he’s going to talk to Da’Vonne like he knows better than her??? Nah Bruh.

Sidenote: I love the shade Da’Vonne threw when she said it was her third time on Big Brother and David had only spent five weeks in the house. Lol! She’s right too. I’ll be damned if someone who got out of the game his first night in the house is going to tell me anything.

Next, Da’Vonne tells Bayleigh vid refused to tell her who he’s working with. Bayleigh says she wishes they could just vote him out. Da’Vonne says that they can. Bayleigh looks at her and responds in an incredulous manner. Da’Vonne again says they can vote him out.

They do not end up voting him out. In her goodbye message to Nicole, Da’Vonne says she just didn’t think it was the right thing to do to vote David out, which is probably partly true, but I also think #BayDay knew David was the one who had the votes to stay and they didn’t want to go against the house.

But why did Tyler and his allies decide to keep David? I think he’s totally expendable to them, so I don’t think they did it out of loyalty to him. It’s possible they did it because they thought Nicole was aligned with Janelle and Kaysar (Jaysar). Either way, I don’t think David’s going to go very far in this game. And after the way he showed his ass tonight, I don’t want him to.

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