Nova and Remy (Contains Queen Sugar Spoilers)

I can’t stop thinking about Nova’s confession to Charley on last night’s Queen Sugar.

If you don’t watch Queen Sugar, you’re life is not as inspired or joyful as it could be, particularly if you’re a Black American. Queen Sugar is one of the most, if not the most, beautiful depictions of African-American life on the small screen. Plus, the cinematography is out of this world. Some scenes are so beautifully shot, they’ve brought tears to my eyes. You can get caught up on this season here or if you need to start from the beginning, season one is currently on Hulu. And, no, I don’t only watch shows on OWN.

Before Nova tells Charley she “kissed” Remy, she tells her not to hate her. Well Nova, you don’t have the right to tell someone else how to feel, so kindly shut up.

Then she says, “I didn’t ask for this.” Excuse me Nova? You didn’t ask for this???!! As if hooking up with your sister’s ex-boyfriend is some kind of punishment for you or something that happened to you as opposed to something you did?!

When I think about this conversation, I wonder what would’ve happened if Nova had told the truth: she felt a connection with Remy and chose to move toward it, instead of away from it. I know why this scene isn’t written this way though. It’s because in real life, people don’t want to look like the full asshole they really are, so they try to hide from the terrible things they’ve done or only reveal small aspects of their misdeeds. Nova’s no different from any other human being.

But why would Nova betray Charley like this?

I have a theory. When Nova found out about the deal Charley made with the Landrys, she believed Charley had sold out her people. Remy thought the same thing. And who cares what happens to a sellout? No one.

But here’s the thing incredibly self-righteous Nova and Remy: two “wrongs” don’t make a right. I put “wrong” in quotes because I don’t think what Charley did was wrong. I think her plan will work, especially now that Jacob’s mama wants to take over the family business.

But there’s another part to my theory. I also think Nova did what she did because she thinks Charley thinks she’s better than other people and Nova wanted to show Charley, with her light skin and curly hair, that she’s not the only one who can attract a good man in St. Joe. Nova wanted to show Charley, in fact, she’s just as good as she is because she can literally get the exact same man Charley got.

I can relate to Charley here. People think I think I’m better than other people too. I too love a refrigerator stocked with only organic foods. I too, if I stay in the South, would want my child to attend a private school. I too am not afraid to make big, risky moves despite what my detractors have to say about them.

But Nova and Remy are wrong about Charley: she doesn’t think she’s better than other people, she just thinks she knows what’s best for them. And so far, she has.

I’m interested to see how much of a wedge last night’s revelation will drive between Charley and Nova. And if Nova will regret what she’s done when she and Remy break up. Because they will. Yep. I said it.

2 thoughts on “Nova and Remy (Contains Queen Sugar Spoilers)

  1. You lowkey sound like a coon.

    I say this as a light skinned, loose curled, don’t have a tragic AA upbringing but rooted in the middle middle class AA Urban utopia, African American woman.

    The fact that you think Nova is jealous (which is basically what you imply) of Charly’s basic loose curled pattern ass in place is laughable and that she wants to put her in her place by going after Remy is even more laughable. What she did was shitty and what he did was shitty in that it broke multiple codes but let’s be real: this shit happens everyday.

    Remy and Nova were flying sparks way before their season two kitchen scene that I knew was going to set this scenario up.

    Both love their town, are grounded in their communities, love their people and unlike Charly don’t need to play catch up with their Blackness (that is not a dig). They both can be self righteous and they actually have core values in common.

    I don’t even know why he bothered with Charly because Nova is more his speed.

    Charly sees things differently and understandably so. She didn’t do anything wrong, imo either.

    They were wrong but stop with this dark skinned girl hating on a light skinned girl rhetoric.

    Charly does not know what’s best for everyone and the hubris in that statement tells me that you relate with Charly because your bougie standards ( which let’s be honest are indicative of a highly Euro Centric assimilated view about what is right and good) deem you on another level.

    She may be right about this, but that doesn’t mean she is right about everything.

    There is nothing wrong with liking what you like but be honest.


    • Sooo you agreed with most of what I said, but felt the need to comment and call me a coon? Interesting. You CLEARLY haven’t been watching this season of the show because if you had, you’d see that Nova has TRIPLED DOWN on all of the feelings I’ve ascribed to her. She literally described Charlie as “half-bathed in whiteness” in her book and said she uses her “aesthetic” to navigate more easily through the world. That’s not the way you talk about someone you love and respect. As I’ve already been proven right, there’s not much more to say. Oh, but yes, I AM on another level compared to most, Black, white, whatever. Thanks for reminding me, Vicky, and for your comment! Have a great weekend. ✌🏽


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