Does it do any Good?

I’m not sure that Afua Hirsch putting her pain on display and presenting the proper view here does any good. I literally felt her pain, because I know it well, and felt sick myself as she tried to explain the obvious racism in an act to people who were being intentionally obtuse. I hope that everyone who can read this knows it’s NEVER about intent, only the impact. For the Black women who can see this, do you think Afua subjecting herself to this to make her points actually does any good? For the white people who can see this, I’m hoping you know better than to defend racism in this way, but if you don’t, NEVER do ANYTHING displayed in this video.

2 thoughts on “Does it do any Good?

  1. I could hardly breathe during that segment. As a white person, I believe I know better, but I am so sorry if I ever got it wrong. Thank you for sharing this. I am taking notes (on behalf of all of us).

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