How long can I play this game of Hide and Seek?

Actually, it’s just a game of Seek

I look for you in the halls

Hope to run into you in the parking lot

But you don’t know I’m playing

I happen upon you in the breakroom

Your eyes light up when you see me, as mine do when I see you, but does that mean anything?

I watch you make your coffee and pour in the sugar

As you stir it, you rest the entirety of your palm on the countertop

God, how I envy that countertop

Will you ever rest your palm on my skin?

You speak to me and I don’t hear the words

Instead I study your mouth

How your lips fit together, how soft they appear

Will your lips ever kiss my neck?

My breasts?

The spot in between my legs?

You make me laugh and my heart sings as your laughter joins mine

My infatuation deepens as I watch the smile spread across your face

Your smile is beautiful

You put your hand in your pocket and I envy the fabric

Will I ever touch your skin?

Will I ever twirl one of your curls around my finger?

Will I ever kiss the sensitive place along your pelvis?

Will I ever hear the sound you make when you come?

We say our goodbyes and leave the room

As I walk through the door, I think, I’m tired of this game

I’m tired of not knowing how you feel

But in my uncertainty, I find something


And that anticipation will make our consummation even sweeter

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