My Voting Experience on Election Day

It’s about 9:20am and I’m in line waiting to vote. I think I have about 45 minutes to go. I’ve voted in this location for over 10 years. The longest I’ve ever waited is 20 minutes, but I’m happy to wait for an hour today. You have to get your ID checked before you can get in line to vote. People have been turning to others, including me, and saying “Did you get your ID checked? Because if you don’t, they’ll make you start over.” People who didn’t get their ID checked have been allowed to do so and come back to their original place in line without complaint from others waiting to vote. This is one of the times I love America.

Voting update: an industrious BLACK WOMAN (of course!) voter got the woman checking IDs to move her table into the hall so you see it when you first walk in & know you need to get your ID checked before you get in line. GOD, I LOVE BLACK WOMEN.

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