I Thought…

it was going to be a horrible day, but it wasn’t, which almost never happens.

So I had a doctor’s appointment scheduled early this morning so I wouldn’t have to leave work and come back. I get in my car…annnndddd it wouldn’t startI was like, “Fuck! Of course this would be happen when I have somewhere I really need to be!” I had noticed my car was taking longer to start up than usual, but I thought it was the starter, which could wait to be replaced.

I quickly stopped being upset when I realized if I got an Uber rapidly, I could still make my appointment. Now, let me tell you how God works. I request an Uber and the guy who picks me up was there almost instantly…because he had just dropped someone off inside my complex! (Yes, I know Uber is a terrible company, but it’s just so damn convenient!) I made it to my appointment exactly on time and got an Uber home when it was over.

I worked from home for a bit while I waited for the tow truck to show up to take me and my car to the mechanic. I had a great conversation with the tow truck driver on the way to the shop. It turns out he’s a Northerner also, so we discussed how he was adjusting to the South. (Not well, in case you were wondering)

It turns out my battery needed to be replaced, which was a quick fix, but not as cheap as I would’ve liked. There’s a Zaxby’s by my mechanic, which is where I ate lunch, as I’d been craving it since it was mentioned on Atlanta last night. I went grocery shopping for next week, came home and worked for a little and now it’s the weekend! Plus, I’m off on Monday so my two-day weekend has turned into a four-day one and I couldn’t be happier. I need some time to rest and relax.

I guess everything really does work out in the end. Have a great weekend and if you’re celebrating, a happy Easter!!

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