Thoughts on Rasir Bolton’s Statement About Pat Chambers’ Racist Comment

The picture for this article is the statement Rasir Bolton made, but as that’s probably hard to read, I’ll paste it here too:

1. I was born and raised in Pennsylvania. I’m not AT ALL surprised there’s a racist coaching at Penn State.

2. White people often try to pass off racism as “just their personality.”

3. This whole “from the North and wasn’t aware” comment is complete bullshit & Pat Chambers knows it. I lived in Pennsylvania for 17 years and I’ve now lived in Atlanta for almost 20. It’s beliefs like this that make racism in the North harder to address because people don’t want to admit it’s there.

4. White people, for the love of God, DO NOT EVER fix your mouth to tell a Black person she’s/they’re/he’s well-spoken or articulate. I can’t even count how many times I’ve been told these things by white people. We know what you mean. You’re surprised. But here’s the thing: it shouldn’t be a requirement to speak the language of your oppressor well. Period.

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