Primary Day in Georgia

7:13 AM: I get in line to vote. I find out about 20 minutes later that none of the voting machines are working.

10:02 AM: Almost 3 hours and counting. The machines still aren’t working. I hear they’re not working in many other precincts in Georgia as well. They only have a small number of provisional ballots, not that I want one. I’d rather a paper ballot. At last update, there were 3 left. There are probably about 100 people in line. A clerk went to get more provisional ballots. She’s been gone about 45 minutes and we don’t know how many provisional ballots she’ll even be able to get because so many precincts are having this issue.

Several people had to leave to go to work. I’m privileged enough to be able to stay as long as I need to because my job is flexible. THIS is voter suppression. THIS is how white supremacy works. You wanna be an ally? Draw as much attention to this as you can.

10:20 AM: they don’t even have stickers!! Now it’s time to revolt!

10:40 AM: We have provisional ballots now, I’m not sure there will be enough for everyone in line though.

10:48 AM: Cheers go up as it’s announced the voting machines are working. A member of a news crew said as of 10:45, voting machines are working everywhere. Isn’t that interesting? Just long enough for many people to have to get out of line because they needed to go to work. 🤔🤔🤔

11:13 AM: It took four hours, but I did it. I. SECURED. MY. VOTE. I wanted to leave. I was hungry, I was tired. But the respect I have for my ancestors wouldn’t let me. Wanting to have my voice heard wouldn’t let me. I wouldn’t have been able to sleep tonight if I hadn’t stayed. As I said, I had the PRIVILEGE of being able to stay because my job is extremely flexible. Many had to leave to go to work. Those who had to leave exchanged contact information with some of us that stayed so they could receive updates. We all reached out to the media and our leaders to bring attention to this issue. I heard back from my mayor after I had already voted. It doesn’t matter anyway. He couldn’t have helped me. The county administers elections, not the city. As poll hours are being extended, I hope those that had to leave can return when they finish their shifts. I truly believe there was an attempt to suppress my, and many others, vote today. It didn’t work. White supremacy didn’t win. And now that we have the attention of the entire world, we must ensure it never wins again.

P.S. It’s so fitting I wore this t-shirt today.


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