Update on Moi

1. I didn’t write here for the eleven month “anniversary” because my cousin was in town and I didn’t have time. Also, I honestly didn’t even want to get into it emotionally. I’m ok for right now and I want to keep that going. Mother’s Day and the anniversary are coming up, I’ll save my emotional breakdowns for then. Plus, I just had an AMAZING time with my cousin and I want to hold those good memories close to me, not shit all over them by thinking sad thoughts. We ate and drank all over Atlanta and it was incredible.

2. It’s Day 8 after my wisdom teeth extraction and I’m still too nervous to eat pizza or tortilla chips, two of my favorite things. Upside: Between getting my wisdom teeth out and not being able to eat many of my favorite foods and the passing of my grandmother, I’ve lost 25 pounds. Unbelievable.

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