On Bill Cosby

I was molested as a child in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, the statute of limitations has run for the crime committed against my body. I will never have my day in court. The person who molested me will never spend a day in jail, let alone go to prison. Lili Bernard said Bill Cosby being found guilty on all 3 counts of aggravated indecent assault today is “a victory for all sexual assault survivors.” As a survivor of molestation and sexual assault, I agree.

I was sickened by CNN’s coverage of Cosby’s convictions. It was mentioned no less than FOUR TIMES that he’s “losing his sight.” And? What the fuck does that have to do with him sexually assaulting and raping almost sixty women?? Nothing. Mentioning Cosby’s “failing health” is just an attempt by CNN and the patriarchy to garner sympathy for a rapist.

Two different women said Cosby was “America’s Dad.” Uh, Bill Cosby was never my fucking dad and I’m grateful.

Then CNN brought someone on, he didn’t impress me enough for me to remember his name, who said he thought it was “unseemly” that Gloria Allred is happy Cosby got convicted. Uh, Dude, what world are you living in?! Prosecutors are happy all the time when people get convicted! They usually say things like, “We’re happy justice was served,” as huge smiles spread across their faces. No one calls that unseemly. So why is there a problem when Gloria Allred is happy about a perpetrator’s convictions? Oh. I know why. Because Gloria Allred is a woman who has the gall to defend and advocate for other women. How dare she?! Silly me for forgetting this is the reason why nothing Gloria Allred does is acceptable.

In some small way, justice was served today. Even if Cosby’s convictions are overturned on appeal, it will still satisfy me to know that Bill Cosby, who thought he was untouchable, had to stand in a courtroom, in front of women he sexually assaulted and raped, and hear the word “guilty” three times.

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