More Thoughts on Creativity

So I’ve come to a realization: the way my life is currently set up is not working for me.

Unfortunately, I have to spend most of my time earning a living, which doesn’t leave me much time to create. Of the time I do have to create, I’m often too exhausted to write a word.

But today I discovered a cure for my exhaustion: excitement. If I can find a blog, magazine, etc. I want to submit to that excites me, suddenly, I’m no longer feeling tired. So I’m going to try to find as many things as possible to submit to in the hopes someone important will see my work and that will lead to something great. I just know I want to stop working for the man and start working for myself. I want to be paid for doing what I’m passionate about.

Today I discovered a blog that accepts people’s 100-word submissions and chooses some to publish. The blog has over 5,000 subscribers. I just submitted something to them I think is pretty good. If they don’t publish my work, I’ll post it here for all of you to read and you can let me know what you think. It’s an edited version of the first page of one of the books I’m writing.

Tomorrow, I’m going to write about Black Panther. I hope those of you who read this blog have seen it. If not, please skip tomorrow’s post. I watched a video of Ryan Coogler breaking down a fight scene in the movie and an interview he gave to Hot 97 today, both of which made me even more excited to share my thoughts with y’all.

Until tomorrow, homies!

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