Comments on the Response of Democrats to Al Franken

I don’t usually write two posts in one day, but I just got fired up about this again so here we are.

I am so sick and tired of Democrats going easy on Al Franken about the sexual assault of Leeann Tweeden.

In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can read about it here.

Hillary Clinton said at least he’s taken responsibility for his actions and apologized. Well, he somewhat took responsibility for his actions. In his apology letter to Ms. Tweeden, he said, “I remember that rehearsal differently.” You remember that rehearsal differently?! MFer, there’s photographic evidence of what you did. So you’re saying the camera’s a liar? Also, who gives a fuck about what you remember? You groped someone. The only things left for you to do are take full and complete responsibility for your actions, apologize without clarifiers and never do it again.

For me, some things are beyond apology. By that I mean, even if you apologize, it doesn’t change anything. For me, any sexual assault or crime against children is on this list. Also, as I’ve said before, an apology is not an eraser. You can never take back the harmful things you say or do.

Another woman Democrat referred to Franken’s behavior as “decade-old antics.” As everyone knows, words, due to their meanings, placement in sentences, etc., have power. You’re not fooling anyone, Fellow Democrat. Referring to Franken’s behavior as “antics,” which defines as “playful trick(s) or prank(s); caper(s),” is meant to take the sting out of it, thereby making it seem as though the harm he caused is of no consequence.

Sexual assault is sexual assault. There is nothing minor about the violation of someone’s body.

It is just as wrong for someone to kiss someone and grope her/him/them without her/his/their consent as it is for someone to have intercourse with her/him/them without her/his/their consent.

Furthermore, I don’t appreciate her mentioning of the amount of time that’s passed since the assault. The passage of time DOES NOT lessen the harm caused.

Stop categorizing this heinous act so you can find a way to give the men you like, AKA liberal Democrats, a pass.

Right now you may be thinking, “But Harvey Weinstein’s a liberal Democrat and everyone’s done with him.” True. But he is not a U.S. senator.

Given the current American political climate, we Democrats need all the help we can get. But if the help is coming from an assaulter of women, I don’t want it.

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